Let’s Get Literal

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“I’d like to say something warm and gracious. Good gracious, it’s warm in here.”


I Liked Your Shoes

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“If I had to do the perfume challenge all over again, I wouldn’t change anything – except my shoes.”

What about Australia?

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“If I could be 1/10 as smart as he is I could rule a small continent.”

I Respect Oddballs

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“I respect Beverly as a chef. I respect Beverly as a person. Is she an odd ball? Yea.”

What Will You Be at Midnight?

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“She makes me sad and angry. Sad because it’s 11:30, and angry because she’s still talking.”

Does That Make Me Shallow?

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“I hate purses that are deeper than I am.”

You’re a Good Actress

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“A good wife would go home to her husband, but a good actress would go out to eat with her friends.”

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