The First Step is Learning You’re Not

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“I know I need to learn how to be humble, but it’s hard when I’m generally right about everything.”


Aaron Sorkin Gets It

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“Don’t blur the line between news and entertainment. Casey Anthony isn’t news. That’s really bad reality TV.”

Just Another Sad Commentary on Toddlers and Tiaras


“We actually had the children so we could do the pageants.”

How Do You Really Feel About Her?

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“She’s trying, but some days she’s just trying.”

How Badly Do You Really Want to Win?

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” I want to win this competition┬ámore that I want to breath, more that I want to exist, more than anyone here.”

That’s Why You’re on Reality TV

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“I’m not too bright, but I’m okay with that.”

Someone Forgot the Camel

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“It was like the straw breaking for me.”

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