I Think Someone Did

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“One might say that, but I won’t be the one to say it.”


Theatre Director Defined


“A director is the “dead-beat Dad.” You’re there at conception and birth and then you leave.”

I Couldn’t Have Said it Better

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“Questions give birth to books, not answers.”

You’re Right

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“I’m not an actress, I just play one on TV.”

Don’t Annoy Me

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“It annoys most people, and when I say “people,” I mean me.”

It May Have Been Fast, but Not Short

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“Well, I mean, I want to say something very fast. When it comes to Sonya… yes, very fast. When it comes to Sonya… bear with me. S is for synergy. She helps artists develop that with the dancer within, as well as the one on the exterior. O is for obstacles. Her choreography is doused with it. They’re not meant to hinder, they’re meant to enhance. N is for never. She goes into a dancer’s vocabulary and eradicates that word from existence. Y is for yes, because I say it every time I watch her piece. And A is for abstract, because her choreography is just that. You guys are the epitome of Sonya.

That’s Great if You Have Dirty Socks

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“It will knock your socks off and into the washer.”

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