Oh, I Thought He was Talking about the House

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– “I’m reframing right now, Ma.”
– “Reframing?”
– “Yea, from saying what I really want to say.”


Now, That Would Be a Challenge

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“Just because Alexander’s last name is Pope doesn’t mean he has to make priest costumes. My last name is McDonald, and I don’t make dresses out of French fries.”

I Don’t Think You Have a Corner on That

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“You’re talking to a fantasy writer. I do weird.”

I Think that’s a Compliment

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“Sometimes you’re not a cultural fit in mediocrity.”

But I Can’t

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“Error, no keyboard. Press F1 to continue.”

Thanks for Asking

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“I don’t know how interesting you guys are going to find this, so I’m going to tell you.”

I Hope You Don’t Say That in an Interview

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“The one thing lacking in me is room for growth.”

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