Sounds Like a Talk Show

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“I’m not good at small talk with strangers. I’m better at big talk with friends.”


We’re Just Friends

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“Buddy, I have been banished to the friend zone so much, I got a P.O. box there.”

To Great Friends


“Here’s to family you choose.”

The Joy of New Friends

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“We’re two old biddies just bonding on the couch.”

What Happens When You Lose Friends

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“If [Joey] was a stand-alone show, we’d probably still be on the air. It didn’t matter who wrote that show or what we wrote about. It was doomed to fail because there were five people missing.

You’re a Good Actress

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“A good wife would go home to her husband, but a good actress would go out to eat with her friends.”

That’s What I Call a Real Friend

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“I wasn’t pretending I didn’t know you. I was too busy laughing at you to remember I did.”

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