We’re Just Friends

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“Buddy, I have been banished to the friend zone so much, I got a P.O. box there.”


I’ll Take That Dare

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“I dare you not to know what’s-his-bucket.”

I Concur

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“We need more Fridays.”

To Great Friends


“Here’s to family you choose.”

I’m a Only Part Timer Right Now

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“My senior moments are full time now.”

What People are Saying is Two Years Old

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I started my quotes blog two years ago.

Thanks to everyone who has found my blog and visit on a regular basis, and those who have subscribed to my blog. I hope you have enjoyed reading the quotes that I have collected from the many quotable people I know, and from others whom I don’t know.

It’s great to hear what comes out of people’s mouth from the top of their head.

And sometimes not.

I Take That Personally

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“You guys are theatrical people. I don’t have that issue.”

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