Viola Davis Quotes Lisa Nichols

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“If you’re afraid to dive, dive afraid.”


From Someone Who Knew

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“Stardom isn’t a career; it’s an accident.”

I Like What You’re Saying

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“Stargazing is one of the most profoundly human things one can do. But perhaps we must more frequently tear ourselves away from the mystery and beauty of the starry heavens above, and rather inspect, admire and foster the moral law within.”

Side note: Jack Gleeson plays Joffrey Baratheon on Game of Thrones. He is also a student of Theology and Philosophy at Dublin College. He gave a talk at Oxford Union about how he hates the celebrity culture. Many of the things he said were very profound. The quote above was his closing remark, and I love it.

This Quote is Verbatim

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“What’s the use of a good quote if you can’t change it.”

Elizabethan Sausage Vendors Protest!

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“Shakespeare wasn’t doing work for the queen, he was writing for a bunch of people chewing on disgusting sausages and talking back to the stage. I don’t mean to retroactively trash the sausage vendors of Elizabethan England! I just destroyed their Yelp rating.”

Only Doctor Who Knows

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“Coming out of the regeneration wasn’t massively painful, it was just very exciting. I think going into it probably is a bit more painful.”

Happy 55th Birthday, Kevin

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“My wife spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday… looking for the caterer’s number.”

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